A man and a k/i/c/k

Electronic Artist & Producer MJ Fitz is some what of a electronica genre chameleon with recent productions ranging from Balearic chill out through Deep, Tech & Acid House, Techno, Post-dubstep and Trip-hop. Always fresh and innovative his output is at once melodic and musical and devastatingly heavy influenced by all things four to the floor. ‘A revival of sounds and influences that a lot of younger people missed out on 'cause they weren't even born for it the first time around’

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SoundCloud Meetup @ The Tyne Bar Newcastle 09 Feb 2011. Organised by ONiTmusic to coincide with World Meetup Day around 25 local music producers, artists and singer songwriters hooked up to network and listen to 5 live DJ Producers play their material. Big thanks to Tim Shaw, Francophilippe, Andy Anova @ Graham Lee for providing the music on the evening.

MJ Fitz